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Be kind and be intelligent. In short, JUST BE A HUMAN.

Imagine having a Leadership Coach and Mentor by your side, helping you stretch your goals, guiding you to become an amazing leader who loves to put people first and on a mission to bring humanity back into the business.

"My vision is for each and every one of us to be able to work in a climate that allows individuals to reach their fullest human potential."

Dr. Amar Bose

Who am I?

I believe people are capable of incredible things if they have the support they need. I am at my best when I connect people with each other and their vision, create a structure of support, build a system to achieve their goals to accomplish bigger things than themselves. I have worn many hats in my career; as a result, I have a unique ability to lead challenging goals and scale high-performing customer-centric teams. As a Leadership Coach and disciplined facilitator, I work closely with system stakeholders and technical teams to help them understand and implement the product delivery structure, practices, and mindset to evolve their capabilities in delivering value faster.

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Our work with clients has always been at the intersection of deep industry expertise and extensive capabilities.

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Leading SAFe®

Earn your SAFe Agilist Certification (SA) and become one of the select group of professionals who have a SAFe certification to back-up their hands-on experience.


Elevation through knowledge and innovation

Through deliberate coaching and strategic facilitation, I have supported teams and leaders in developing skills, leveling up their effectiveness, and reducing stress. Maybe I can help you too!


Want to unlock your full potential? Begin your journey to a better you with a coach. Coaching that's fundamentally human, tailored to you to start your career as a leader and move from an order taker to a trusted advisor.



I believe that every transformation, initiative, and business change has three key pillars: mindset, structure, and practices. To make the system better and keep these pillars standing strong, I support acceleration through co-creation.



Regular training and learning lead to a higher level of shared understanding between teams and leaders, fostering transparency, innovation, alignment, and team cohesiveness. Get yourself and your team the knowledge they need.


Knowledge is power, and power is knowledge applied.

I am sharing some of the resources I have created or used to support leaders and teams. I hope these are useful to you as much as they are to me.

    Squad Mirror Anti Patterns

The first step in solving a problem is to be aware of it. The purpose of the squad mirror is to explore and learn new ways to visualize the systemic challenges and opportunities which make it harder for everyone to ignore.

    Articles/Books that Inspired me

You may have heard it before "Put your Mask first." These are some of the articles, books or videos that have motivated me. When it comes to my mindset, I owe it all the authors. They've inspired me, taught me, challenged me, and shaped me into Who I am today.

    How to Scale

Scaled Agile is the ability to get more value (products or services) to more people or organizations with speed without losing the quality. Check out what approach I take to help the organization scale.