Kamal Hans

Agile Practitioner, Agile Coach, Entrepreneur, Hands-on Data Driven Marketer and Technologist

Story Behind AskKamal

Technology has been the driving force behind all this change across the world. This fueled my fascination with the field of technology and gadgets. Being a technical person, I hate it when people (especially my friends) make poor tech choices. In a world that moves with lightning speed you need to work fast, and even faster at problem-solving and decision making. Technology in our lives is ever-changing, and not everyone has the time to keep up with it. Let me do it for you! I have a growing passion for Technology and Product Development and will be happy to assist with whatever needs you have. My goal is to make technology in your life easier to use and understand.

I am a Freelancer Consultant, Agile Coach, Professional Agile Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Hands-on Data-Driven Marketer, Technologist, Hobby Photographer, DJ, Geek, and Harvard alum with 19+ years of experience in the Software Industry. AskKamal is my way of giving back to the community and especially to my friends. My goal is to share my insights and experience to help you, or to try to obtain the relevant information required to make the right decision.